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My Story
My Story

Working with Dinah

Ready to see what's possible once you see there is No-Box?


I am a Coach and a Mentor and bring both skill sets to my work with individuals and groups going through change.  I anchor you and provide a safe place to express yourself and explore a new way forward, together.


I write and deliver training to Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Executive Assistants and Franchise Owners to help them develop emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills.


My No-Box-Thinking talks have been described as ‘life-changing’ and ‘some of the best feedback we’ve ever had on a speaker’. If you want to motive your audience, let’s talk.

Independent Celebrant

Creating bespoke celebrations for marriages, life-celebrations, vow renewals and memorials. I am a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants.  

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Are you boxing yourself in?

I have spent most of my life, fighting my way out of boxes. Most of the time, other people boxed me in, with the certainty of science and plenty of experience behind their thinking. The

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One Size is never, ever, going to fit all

I remember the total sense of self-loathing, mixed with a sad if slightly sneery ‘I told you so’ that swirled round my head as the sleeve ripped as I pulled it over my head.

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Not everyone’s comfortable with PDAs (Public Displays of Accountability)

When a client I was working with a few years ago told me he was finally ready to start writing the book he’d been talking about writing for almost 20 years, I suggested he make a

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