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Ready to see what's possible once you see there is No-Box?


I am a Coach and a Mentor and bring both skill sets to my work with individuals and groups going through change.  I anchor you and provide a safe place to express yourself and explore a new way forward, together.


I write and deliver training to Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Executive Assistants and Franchise Owners to help them develop emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills.


My No-Box-Thinking talks have been described as ‘life-changing’ and ‘some of the best feedback we’ve ever had on a speaker’. If you want to motive your audience, let’s talk.

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Compare and you feed your self-doubt

It feels like an inevitable part of living in the ‘developed’ world in this century; comparing ourselves to others, in almost every aspect of our lives.  Whether it’s

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Massive change requires reinvention of Brand-You

Massive Change; an event that has such a huge impact on your life, every moment of it, how you live it and how you define yourself, that you are a different person than the one you were

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You CAN please everyone – if you want to be average

It is one of the conversations I hear most often as a Mentor; a client is feeling down, their confidence is at an all-time-low and they’ve just admitted that today, someone told them

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