Goal Achievement in 2020 Special Offer

How many times are you going to create a Goals List for a new year that has the same goals and dreams on it?

There is a reason you’re not achieving those goals, and it is not because you’re a failure or that you’re incapable.

A key reason people set goals repeatedly and don’t then achieve them? Self-sabotage, fear of success or fear of failure, imposter-syndrome – call it what you like, it’s the one thing that stops you every year. Ready to change the pattern? Ready to set some goals for next year that you will achieve?

I’ve created a special, six session support and achievement programme to help you make next year the year you:

  • set the goals you really want to rather than the ones you think you ‘should’
  • put things in place to support your wobbles & doubts and celebrate your successes
  • create a plan with a more future-forward focus that means your goals have longer-term impact
  • challenge your self-talk to begin to nurture and encourage your progress, not hinder it
  • embrace your ability for change and learn how to develop a joy of change to replace your fear.

Ready to get started? Then message me now, telling me why you’re determined that 2020 is going to be different.  dinahjl@gmail.com

Places are limited.