I love Coaching and Mentoring; I’ve been doing it in some form, for over thirty years and it fills me with joy to help other people to be all they can be. My clients tell me it’s like I hold a mirror up to them and say ‘look at yourself as I see you’ and then help them leave behind what does not serve them in their journey forward.

I help people challenge their internal language, the things they say and how they say them. The things they tell themselves to keep them small.

I help people explore a new way of reacting to the challenges in their lives so that they are better prepared to deal with them.

I help people embrace new, positive behaviour that allows them to let go of fear and instead, feel confident to take risks that bring them opportunity and joy.

If you’d like a conversation to see if you and I would work well together, then book a call with me and we’ll take it f rom there.

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‘… Dinah’s direct yet very personable style, her intuitive way of coaching and her vast experience make her an ideal sparring partner for both personal or organisational work. Dinah won’t tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear (even if that is not always easy or comfortable) and then hands you the tools so that you can keep building your own path. I highly, highly recommend her!’ September 2019 on LinkedIn from a client.