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it's all about You

When you’re not getting the results you deserve, it’s not uncommon for You to be the main reason.
Not a lack of skill or experience, but rather the same conversation going round in your head, about why you’re not enough yet. Good enough, experienced enough, clever enough, valued enough, successful enough…

The approach we’ll take to challenge this pattern starts with a different way of talking to yourself. I will challenge your language – consider yourself warned.

You’ll need to make a commitment to being open to feedback, to trying a new approach and to showing up for our sessions with a willigness to hear possibilites.

Hi, I'm Dinah

I'm a Certified Master Mindset Coach and a Portfolio Entrepreneur. I've been coaching and mentoring business owners, business leaders and their incredible teams, for over 25 years.

Set yourself up to succeed

For perfectionists and procrastinators
4 sessions over 2 months

  • Challenging your business habits
  • Creating new language and measures
  • Permission and how important it is for you

Get out of your own way

For Imposters and Performers
8 sessions over 2 months

  • Challenging your historical dramas
  • Creating new evidence and habits to support change
  • Getting excited about your real goals

Beat your business blues

For roller-coaster riders
12 sessions over 6 months

  • Challenging why you isolate
  • Creating new, supportive habits for your day, week, month & year
  • Finding opportunities for collaboration and support

Let's talk

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