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At some point we realise that the biggest thing holding us back is ourselves. And not just what we say to ourselves in moments of self-doubt, but what we constantly tell ourselves that other people are thinking about us.

Coaching is a way of taking a fresh look at where you are with the benefit of experience and structure from someone who is trained to support you as you embrace a new path.

Your language, your expectations and your personal bank of (most often out-dated) evidence will all limit your potential to see a new way. 

Coaching can allow you to ask ‘what if I did that?’ and also ‘what if I didn’t keep doing this?’ 

Blooming into the person you dream of being, the person you deserve to be, is often about being brave enough to take the first step down a new path. 

If you’re bored of telling yourself the same old stories, and you’d really like to change the conversation – and your results – then let’s explore the coaching options that are right for you.

Dinah Liversidge Master Coach

Coaching Services

Life Purpose Coaching

Finding your Purpose

If you’re still looking for fulfilment and constantly searching for more from your work, Life Purpose Coaching could transform your story. This three-month programme will help you explore a new way, using a proven method and with my full support through the process.

FREE Consultation

£520 for Programme

(6 x 45 minute sessions)

REBT Mindset Coach

Un-limiting your Mindset

Monthly coaching to challenge the head-talk and take on new challenges with confidence. With an initial assessment and masterclass to look at your current mindset and challenge your limiting-language. We’ll work on a month-by-month basis to support lasting change.

FREE Consultation

£149 Initial 90 minute Session

£90 per 45 minute session

Surpassing your Goals

Coaching for when you’re ready to set goals that scare you and that you actually want to achieve. Twelve months of Goal Success Coaching to constantly support, adjust and expand what you’re working towards will mean surpassing your expectations.

FREE Consultation

£986 for the year

(12 x 45 minute sessions)

I take you from ‘thinking outside the box’ to
No-Box Thinking!

Whoever told you there was a box?

Since I first heard the expression ‘think outside the box’, back in a Marketing meeting in the late 1980’s, I’ve wondered who put themselves inside such a limiting mindset.

I’m Dinah Liversidge and I’m a Master Coach, International Business Trainer and Award-Winning Key-note Speaker. I’m also a lover of conversation, connection, cats, cake and fast cars.

I’ve been running my own businesses since the early 1990s and mentoring, training and coaching since 1993. I adore it. It’s my Life Purpose and I am grateful to share my experience with others to help them to be all they can be.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Dinah Liversidge Coach

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How do you talk to yourself?

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