One-to-one Mindset Coaching

Tired of the same dramas? Let’s work together to change your script

Mindset Coaching Group

Ready to change your results this year? Let’s work on that together in a safe space.

One to one Business Coaching

Wearing all the hats in your business? Ready to change that?

Helping You create new, positive and lasting change

Feeling stuck in a negative mindest and not sure how to change it?

The stories we tell ourselves, the dramas we create in our head, become our mind-set. Working with me means we’ll challenge those stories. Together, we’ll decide if they serve you or if it is time to change the set.

You can make lasting change. You can create new habits to support those changes that will last. Doing it with my support, encouragement and tough-love when needed, will make it easier.

What Is Mindset Coaching?

Imposter Mindset™ - keeping you small and afraid to succeed

If you let it, your imposter will convince you that you’re not ready. Not good enough, experienced enough, smart enough. In Mindset Coaching we challenge your Imposter and update the evidence you’re basing the conversation on.

Performer Mindset™ - You're faking it, not making it

You’re Fine. Or so you keep telling everyone. Busy, succesful, popular. So why are you crying yourself to sleep? Why do you fel such a fake? In Mindset Coaching we challenge your Performer to embrace your perfectly-imperfect self.

Understudy Mindset™ - Ready to stop hiding in the background?

You’ve always taken the roles where you support others. And now, even though you know it’s your time, that spotlight feels so unfamiliar. What if you fall flat on your face? In Mindset Coaching we help your Understudy discover your inner-light.

My Approach

Stop trying to think outside the box; there never was a box. This is my approach to Coaching, Mentoring,  Speaking, Training. And life. I challenge my clients to see the mindset that they could create if they got rid of the box.

I am straight talking and will bring some tough love to our sessions. I will constantly challenge your language. We will work together to replace your negatives with positives in a way that feels authentic and achievable. 

I am so confident that you’ll love Coaching with me, that if you don’t I will refund you in full. 

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Ready to change your Mindset?

Schedule a 20 minute session

You can book a 20 minute session with me, directly into my calendar. The call is £45 and is on zoom or phone.
This session will be a Coaching Session. You will gain something from this call, or I will refund you.
It’s a great way to see if we want to work together.

Choose a Coaching Plan

If you’re ready to get started, decide if you want to work together for three or six months and then book a call with me to set dates and ask any questions you have. Follow the link next to your programme of choice below.

Join my Mindset Coaching Group

These groups are always popular and I like to keep them to a size that feels intimate and personal. If you’d like me to let you know about the next available group, pop your details in the form at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch soon.

3 Month Mindset Coaching Package

Six  40-minute calls over three months, one-to-one with me. You’ll get a recording of each call to keep and workable suggestions and actions from every session.  I guarantee you’ll see a change in your Mindset and your results in three months, or I will refund you in full.

More Details

6 Month Mindset Coaching Package

Twelve 40-minute calls over six months, one-to-one with me. You’ll get a recording of each call to keep and workable suggestions and actions from every session.  I guarantee you’ll see a significant change in your Mindset and your results in six months, or I will refund you in full.

4 Month Business Owner Coaching Package

If you’re tired of wearing all the hats in your business, this is for you. From the basics nobody taught you about running a small business, to the skills you need to understand your potential market in the ever-changing online business world. Six one to one sessions and six pre-recorded trainings to help you get back to doing what you love in your business.


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