Dinah Liversidge Mindset Coaching and Business Skills Training

Dinah Liversidge Mindset Coaching and Business Skills Training

Business training and mind-set coaching for entrepreneurs, franchise owners and C-suite Executive Teams

Whether you’re looking to increase your results in your business or your life, learning new skills and changing old habits is a great way to start. Using a combination of Coaching and Training, I help people set a new path. From marketing yourself as a small business, to developing the communication skills you need to be taken more seriously as an Executive, you’ll discover Mindset coaching and Business skills training that will help you to shine brighter outside the box.

My working career started in the 1980s, working in Personnel at Mercury Communications. We were recruiting Telex engineers. I progressed to work in Project Management during my time at SmithKline Beecham. Becoming a Consultant to them was my first encounter with self employment. I’ve run several businesses and Coached and mentored hundreds of business owners across Europe, the US and the UK. I’ve delivered training and talked to audiences from the UK to New Zealand, the US and Canada and across Europe. I LOVE what I do.

I hold up a mirror for my clients to see what others see

Clients tell me it’s like I hold up a mirror to show them their lives and businesses from a different perspective. Then I help them find new ways to be more effective, productive and positive about what they offer. I help clients on their mind-set, their approach to change and their limiting beliefs. I also help with practical planning and processes based on my own experience and continuing business lessons. My mindset coaching and business skills training are designed to be as unique as you are.

You can now purchase my No-Box-Thinking Masterclass Series as eight, pre-recorded sessions on each topic. I am starting with my Mindset Masterclass and you can find see the details and sign up below.

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What is Mindset Coaching?

Every outcome we strive for at work and in our personal lives, will be impacted by our mindset. As the saying goes ‘whether I think I can or I think I can’t, I am right’, and this is about mind-set. Having a growth mindset allows us to learn from others and be inspired to succeed. However, during times of change or when we feel out-of-control of a situation, our mindset often becomes closed and we see things as a threat. I help clients to see how their mindset is impacting them, and how we can change their thinking, for the long term.

Business Skills Coaching for business owners – because we’re never taught them!

When I started my first ‘business’ (I had been made redundant and offered the chance to be a Consultant to my old employer) I had no idea what was really involved. I read plenty, went on some free webinars about the legal stuff, and then got on with it. And within a matter of months, I felt overwhelmed and lost. I was wearing all the hats! What happened to actually doing my job? I was spending most of my time on administrative tasks, marketing and paying bills.

Having spent almost 25 years working for myself, I’ve developed knowledge and skills that have allowed me to grow and enjoy my businesses. My training programmes are designed to help you take action in your business or role. And you can add one-to-one Coaching with me for any aspect of the training, to help develop key skills.

All my training sessions are available as a combination of one-to-one sessions, Masterclasses (with up to six colleagues or other business owners), guide books and online learning. I’m developing my training platform during 2021, so watch this space for easy access to my online learning, videos and podcasts.

Working with a Coach is an exciting step. It leads to mindset shifts and results you never anticipated. Being open to working with a Coach is often a sign that you’re ready to make change. Change leads to opportunity, to taking a step into the un-known with anticipation and hope. I’m ready to take the step with you.

I look forward to speaking soon.