You have got ten minutes. You have always got ten minutes. How often do you give yourself those ten minutes to top-up your own tank? Do it now. Spend ten minutes in my garden in Myddfai. You can close your eyes and listen. Ten minutes in Myddfai, time for yourself.

Ten minutes in a Myddfai Garden

Take ten minutes regularly throughout the day to keep yourself focussed. Ten minutes away from your screen allows you to stretch, to look at nature or people instead of bright light and text. Ten minutes is a very short amount of time for yourself, so there is no reason not to take it. If you are still coming up with reasons, then you are simply feeding your own drama. You are NOT that busy, you are NOT that important. Take the ten minutes, accept that you deserve it. It can be our secret.

Ten minutes can make a huge difference

Ten minutes can make a difference in so many situations When did you last walk away and give yourself ten minutes to calm down before writing an angry response to an email? What outcomes might be different for your today if you allowed ten minutes of peace for yourself? Ten minutes spent with the one you love, really listening to them, can transform how your partner is feeling.

Ten minutes spent on learning something new each day can be transformative. Starting with allowing yourself to take ten minutes and not following up with ‘I shouldn’t have taken that ten minutes’ might be a good place to start. These are challenging times. Think small changes if you want to keep them up.

time for yourself in nature

Take the time for yourself and accept it as a gift. Pay it forward too, by sharing it with people who deserve to give themselves ten minutes. Let’s start a little change together. Ten minutes. Every day. You deserve it and you’ll feel a positive change.

From my heart to yours


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    • DinahLiversidge


      So glad to hear that Jackie, it certainly restores my sense of wellness. Have a wonderful day x

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