New year brings out all the resolutions and big goals. I’d like to suggest that this year, you think more along the lines of ‘new year, new mindset’. Your mindset is going to be the key factor in your success with every goal you ever set, at new year or any other time, so it makes sense to focus on it. A new year, new mindset approach, could change your whole experience every day. From your mood to your conversations, your friendships to your business collaborations, your mindset is what creates your results.

Imagine if your mindset was within your control. Imagine if you could literally decide that 2021 would start with you creating a new mindset for the myths you tell yourself. A new mindset could take you from not being a morning person, to embracing that you can be ‘a person’ at any time of the day, it’s a story you’ve created and you can change it. The great news is that you can. I appreciate some effort is required, but to change a long-term habit requires commitment and determination. And a shift in mindset of course!

New mindset means new stories

We all tell ourselves stories about who we are. I’ve spent many years telling myself that ‘I’ve got issues with food and I turn to it for comfort.’ I have made that my mindset. I have created my own story and my own truth. This can be changed at any time, I just have to change the story I tell myself about food and comfort and what I deserve. I changed my thinking on it, and decided that I could change my mindset on this and that, instead, I would create a new story to tell myself in the moments when the old mindset kicked in. It is being aware of the story that is the first step to changing it.

Essential reading on Mindset, ‘mindset: changing the way you think to fulfil your potential’ by Dr Carol S Dweck

Carol S. Dweck, PhD, suggests that we are all part fixed mindset and part growth mindset. Having a growth mindset allows us to be open to learning, to embracing positive criticism and to learning from our mistakes (among other things). It’s easy to see where we have a growth mindset but often less easy to be honest about where our mindset is more closed. There are areas where we all become defensive and choose to repeat our own stories; these are the areas where we’ve chosen to stop growing, to close down and avoid reality. When you can embrace the idea that you can choose to challenge these stories, you can go from a closed to a growth mindset on that issue.

Creating new mindset for the new year sounds so simple, so ‘five steps’. It is not simple. Change of negative habits take time and require determination.

Here are my top three tips on how to set yourself up to succeed:

  1. Take it one day at a time. If you find today a struggle that’s okay. Start again tomorrow and do it without the drama or stories of ‘I’m already finding this hard’ that you’re tempted to tell yourself.
  2. Be clear about your motives. Make a list of what you will feel, do and achieve when you change this mindset. Be really specific – you are not sharing this list, it is for you. Make another list of what you’ve got to let go of to achieve this new list. Letting go of what is keeping us repeating the same old stories is a vital step.
  3. Create a more positive timeline. Start with your social media timelines; how positive are they? How much do they reinforce the closed, fixed mindset you have on this one area? Mute the people who keep you thinking small and help you to perpetuate the myth. And if this makes your timeline suddenly really quiet, get looking for some positive people to add to it.

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What have you found helps you to focus on creating new mindset? Who inspires you to keep working on your mindset?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

From my heart to yours,