They say we are the sum of the seven people we spend the most time with. I think in the current age of virtual connections, this number is more likely to be the 50+ people you spend the most time engaging with on your Social Media platforms. I’d like to suggest it would be great for your mindset to ask yourself, could it be time to break-off your engagement as a positive start for 2021?

Think about how often you start your day feeling great. Spend twenty minutes reading ‘news’ on one of your many platforms and you find your mood has changed. Your get up and go has promptly got up and gone! The impact on your mindset from reading about dramas and crisis over which you have no control is almost instant. How could your day start if you decided you could break-off your engagement?

During 2020, I discovered that I could ‘mute’ people on Facebook and Twitter. This was a great way of removing negative people’s posts from my timeline, without having to ‘block’ or ‘unfriend’ people who were in my networks. My timelines became far less dramatic and my mindset improved.

The more you break-off your engagement, the better you’ll feel

Key to this was not only that I had removed the stories from my timelines. What made the greatest impact was that I was not engaging in the drama. When I responded and became caught up in the emotion of the engagement, my positive mindset soon changed and so did my focus and productivity.

Then I discovered that, on Twitter, I could also ‘mute’ certain words; well, I was beside myself with joy! I can’t stress this enough; I got my Twitter-love back. My timeline became a positive, interesting and engaging place again. Don’t get me wrong, I am here for my connections and want to engage to support them in tough times. I am not suggesting that positivity is the only acceptable timeline.

Great video from Twitter on how to use advanced Mute Functions HERE

Indeed, one of the most damaging timelines I followed, briefly, during 2020, was the one that claimed that everything in their world was ‘perfect’ during the Pandemic. After some initial mindset issues that had me questioning if it was me, I realised that fake-positivity is very damaging for me and I removed it from my timeline. I instantly felt better and more authentic. I broke-off the engagement just in time.

Listen to my Podcast on creating your own timeline HERE

If you can see that you have become engaged with other people’s dramas and stories, it might be time to review the timeline you have created. Always remember it is up to you to take ownership that nobody gets to be in your timeline without your permission, so look at who you have become engaged with and ask if the relationship is a positive one for you both. If not, review it and perhaps change the way you engage with them or break-off your engagement completely.

We are encouraged to accept connections from people and allow them into our timelines. And often, the relationships that grow from these truly open and random connections are beneficial to both parties. If we are going to continue to embrace these opportunities, we need to be clear about the Rules of Engagement. Perhaps a great message to send new connections would be a guide on how to engage with you for positive results, rather than a ‘sales pitch’.

What engagements have had a positive impact for you in the last year? What about the negative ones; are you ready to break-off your engagement?