Everyone’s talking about getting back to normal. The idea that we had perfect lives before the lockdowns and the tragedies of COViD. What does getting back to normal really mean though? what was so fabulous about your normal that you’re counting the hours? Why are you so keen to get back to a normal that wasn’t your dream, your vision for life or your happy place?

In May, I’m exploring this on my Podcast, and the first episode is below. Ask yourself what you’d really like to take forward with you as you create a new normal. What are you keen to get back to and what will you make space and time for in the future?

I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to know what you notice that you’re going to keep in the new version of your normal. We can acknowledge that this is something we have the chance to change, a chance we are unlikely to get again for some time. And best of all, we’ve already had a trial run, so we know what we’re capable of. What will you start to shape as your new normal?