Are you doing busy?

When we do busy, we miss so many things. We get caught up in the conversation we create about not having time for anything. ‘I’m too busy for that’ we tell ourselves. And it’s usually something that would be great for our mental and physical wellness that we miss out on. Are you doing busy …

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Why are you so keen to get back to normal?

Everyone’s talking about getting back to normal. The idea that we had perfect lives before the lockdowns and the tragedies of COViD. What does getting back to normal really mean though? what was so fabulous about your normal that you’re counting the hours? Why are you so keen to get back to a normal that …

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Language of change

What language do you use when you think about Change?

The language we use about change, dictates our ability to embrace and thrive. It can also mean we feel overwhelmed, fearful and even mistrustful. Our language will be responsible for which is true for us. The language we use about change and our like or dislike of it, will have formed many of the paths …

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your business mindset

How can Mindset impact your business?

I am often asked how Mindset Coaching impacts a business. Whether it’s a sole trader, a small team or collaboration or a massive global company, every ounce of success is built on the mindset of the people involved. As the saying goes ‘whether I think I can, or I think I can’t I am right’. …

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what is your mindset language

What’s your Mindset Language?

The words you use in your head to talk to yourself, become your truth. Your Mindset Language is key to your mood, your belief in yourself, your success and your relationships. What language are you using? Are you using words that lift you up or is you choice of language creating a self-belief structure built …

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Bring your own shoes!

A friend recently took on a new leadership role in their organisation. The appointment struck me as an excellent decision; she brings many years of experience, has credibility in the field and is respected by the team she will lead. When I called to congratulate her, the first thing she said was ‘I have such …

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How can you nurture your mindset?

We nurture others by our nature. Watch any parent with their kids (even the grown-up ones) and you’ll see human nurture in action. If we’re so good at providing support for those we love, why is it such a struggle to nurture ourselves? And would you even know how to start to nurture your mindset? …

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nourish your mindset

How can you nourish your mindset?

When we think of nourishment, we tend to think first of food. Perhaps we remember a favourite soup that was eaten by a warming fire. Often the memory is associated with a person who added to the sense of wellness. Nourishment for our well-being, our happiness and sense of belonging are all fed by a …

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how to support your mindset

How to support Mindset

How creating a positive timeline can support your Mindset When I re-started #TheBreakfastClub on Twitter during the first lock-down in 2020, I did it to help support my mindset and I was hopeful it would put some positive energy into people’s day. I wanted them  to be able to include a positive conversation in their …

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Is it time for a timeline health-check?

Start the year with a Timeline Health-Check and improve your Mindset  How many hours of your day do you spend on a timeline? One or other of the social media platforms, engaging with your connections and reading their posts? Do you ever wonder what impact it’s having on your mindset? I carried out a timeline …

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