Entrepreneurs are risk taking

Change-makers and Risk-takers – this is going to get uncomfortable

All the most successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers and change-makers. They build ideas into businesses, often against the advice of others. Entrepreneurs come up with ways to change people’s buying habits, holiday style and even mindsets. So when they are told that, to minimise the risk of infection by covid-19, they must stay at home, they

value yourself

Your imposter loves to lower your sense of value

Next time you’re feeling taken-advantage of, ask yourself if you are helping others to value you, or making it more difficult. Have you set clear boundaries with your boss, your co-workers, your friends and your partner? Being cross, or offended, that people seem to take us for granted is often down to how little we

What are you talking about?!

How do you talk to yourself? In those conversations you have in your head, the ones you don’t share out-loud. The ones where you tell yourself what you’re capable of and how amazing you are. Or perhaps where you use the kind of language that keeps you small, filled with self-doubt and that is keeping

Give your imposter notice to vacate the premises!

Imagine if you decided that, from today, you were giving that imposter in your head thirty days notice to move on, or be moved out. Imagine deciding that you were going to tell that imposter, the one that holds you back, talks you out of opportunities or change, and makes you doubt your proven abilities

I’m not good at change – and other myths we tell ourselves

I love Coaching and Mentoring and I have some fabulous clients who put real determination and effort into our work together. I love nothing more than when they say something to me in a session and then as they hear what they’re saying, they see the myths they have been telling themselves for the first