Bring your own shoes!

A friend recently took on a new leadership role in their organisation. The appointment struck me as an excellent decision; she brings many years of experience, has credibility in the field and is respected by the team she will lead. When I called to congratulate her, the first thing she said was ‘I have such …

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How can you nurture your mindset?

We nurture others by our nature. Watch any parent with their kids (even the grown-up ones) and you’ll see human nurture in action. If we’re so good at providing support for those we love, why is it such a struggle to nurture ourselves? And would you even know how to start to nurture your mindset? …

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nourish your mindset

How can you nourish your mindset?

When we think of nourishment, we tend to think first of food. Perhaps we remember a favourite soup that was eaten by a warming fire. Often the memory is associated with a person who added to the sense of wellness. Nourishment for our well-being, our happiness and sense of belonging are all fed by a …

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how to support your mindset

How to support Mindset

How creating a positive timeline can support your Mindset When I re-started #TheBreakfastClub on Twitter during the first lock-down in 2020, I did it to help support my mindset and I was hopeful it would put some positive energy into people’s day. I wanted them  to be able to include a positive conversation in their …

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Is it time for a timeline health-check?

Start the year with a Timeline Health-Check and improve your Mindset  How many hours of your day do you spend on a timeline? One or other of the social media platforms, engaging with your connections and reading their posts? Do you ever wonder what impact it’s having on your mindset? I carried out a timeline …

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create your own timeline and break-off your engagement

Time to break-off your engagement?

They say we are the sum of the seven people we spend the most time with. I think in the current age of virtual connections, this number is more likely to be the 50+ people you spend the most time engaging with on your Social Media platforms. I’d like to suggest it would be great …

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mindset new year new mindset

New year New Mindset

New year brings out all the resolutions and big goals. I’d like to suggest that this year, you think more along the lines of ‘new year, new mindset’. Your mindset is going to be the key factor in your success with every goal you ever set, at new year or any other time, so it …

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time for yourself in nature

Ten minutes for yourself in Myddfai

You have got ten minutes. You have always got 10 minutes. How often do you take time for yourself? Do it now, in my garden in Myddfai. You can close your eyes and listen. Welcome to Myddfai. Time away from your screen allows you to stretch, to look at nature or people instead of bright …

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Entrepreneurs are risk taking

Change-makers and Risk-takers – this is going to get uncomfortable

All the most successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers and change-makers. They build ideas into businesses, often against the advice of others. Entrepreneurs come up with ways to change people’s buying habits, holiday style and even mindsets. So when they are told that, to minimise the risk of infection by covid-19, they must stay at home, they …

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