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Credibility Masterclass

Un-boxing your approach to building your business

This Credibility Masterclass is an online session aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs, who are building great reputations for their work, and are not sure how to build on this credibility to impact their results. This Masterclass will take a fresh look at how your reputation is your most under-utilised asset in your business and how to harness it for life-long results.

The date for the next Masterclass is 20th May 2021 from 1.30-5.30pm (UK time)

This Masterclass will be online, using zoom, and will be strictly limited to six attendees. There will be plenty of opportunity to interact, share ideas and ask questions. The Masterclass will be with me, Dinah Liversidge, and I’ve been speaking on Credibility since 2010. I have written a book on the subject and delivered a series of workshops and key-notes on it, around the world.

What we’ll cover in this Credibility Masterclass:

  • what is your credibility factor?
  • How you influence your climb up the credibility curve
  • Creating a Credibility Charter
  • Testing your credibility -what to do when you mess up!
  • How to create a commitment to credibility in your organisation / networks

Using my experience to help improve yours

I have been delivering training workshops and key-note talks on Credibility for over ten years and it’s still integral to how I do business today. I built all our businesses on credibility, from my husband’s roofing business to my Coaching and training business, to our little woodland retreat. In this Masterclass, I’ll share my favourite examples of how the big brands get it right (and sometimes wrong) and what we can learn from them.

Places on the Credibility Masterclass will be strictly limited to six and the early-bird price is £95 for a limited time only. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee – if you don’t love this Masterclass, I’ll give you your money back.

The next Masterclass is on Thursday 20th May 2021 from 1.30-5.30pm (UK time). Secure your place today.

Take a look at feedback from the first in this Masterclass Series, on Un-boxing your approach to Networking, for feedback from previous delegates.

I believe everyone and every business deserves training to improve their chance of success and happiness. During these challenging times, many people are not earning as usual, and I am therefore making three places available on scholarship. If the only thing stopping you from booking your place is financial, please apply for one of the scholarships. (Your details will be kept completely confidential).