The ARC Coaching Programme for Executive Assistants

Bespoke Coaching for Executive Assistants from Dinah Liversidge. The ARC (Assess, Review Change) Coaching programme has been created specifically to support Executive Assistants in their goal to become true partners in their working relationships. Coaching for Executive Assistants is every bit as important as it is for their Executives, yet often overlooked. I’ve created the ARC Coaching for Executive Assistants to help you be all you dream of, whilst helping you create new, positive habits and practices to support you moving forward.

Coaching for Executive Assistants with Dinah Liversidge
Image taken by Jon Lowrence of the PA Hub

No matter how you look at it, 2020 has been a year we’ve all found challenging. Our mind-set has played a big part in how we adapted and coped with the massive amount of change that we’ve all encountered and the need to ‘control and fix’ that all Executive Assistants have (it’s part of what makes you exceptional at your role) makes this particularly challenging.

Listen to my interview with Lucy Brazier, for #AdminChat here

I’ve created the ARC programme to help take a new approach to a role that faces daily challenges and constantly moving goal posts and provides a safe, one-to-one space to assess, review and change (ARC) so that you feel more in control, more supported and more able to start enjoying your role again. The programme is being launched in 2021 and the price for six months is £1,080. That’s just £180 per month. This includes:

Two calls of 40 minutes each with me, Dinah Liversidge, every month (Total of 12 calls over the programme)
Recordings of the calls to keep
Worksheets with practical tools and exercises exclusive to the ARC programme

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Send your first month’s fee of £180, with your e-mail address as your reference HERE (fully secure PayPal payment so you have protection) and I’ll message you to set our start date. I will invoice you via PayPal for the remaining monthly payments. All fees are backed by my Coaching Guarantee: If you don’t absolutely love the Coaching you receive from me, I’ll refund your money. In full.

ARC Coaching for Executive Assistants – Programme Outline:

Assess – this is the current situation.

– What are the facts about where you are now and the implications of these?
– Are you always rushing around?
– Are you finding it hard to prioritize?
– What number of hours are you working to get the job done?
– Which relationships are thriving and which are challenging you?

Assess is about creating a picture of the REAL situation, not the one you’re so involved in that you’re seeing it from a point of overwhelm.

Review – this is where we look at the past.

Sometimes only the last day or week.
Sometimes a lifetime of habits and behaviour patterns.
We’ll explore what has led to where you are in your role, from practical daily tools and schedules to your self-belief and your limiting habits that have created what we identified in the Assess stage.

Review is about identifying exactly what got us to this point so that we can learn from it and create a new alternative and a better, or at least different, outcome.

Change – replacing old habits with new ones for the future

The most effective change happens when we are clear about why and how we are changing.
When we’re clear about what is in it for us and those we support and engage with, we are more likely to make it long-term change.
We’ll explore how to support change and keep it going until it become a positive new habit and give you the tools to repeat this with future change.

Dinah has been my coach for just shy of a year. I have had a goal for about 2 years that Dinah helped me achieve within 6 months!! Dinah asks excellent questions that get right to the heart of your issue and then kindly gives you tools to conquer it. Dinah prompts you with insightful questions that really make you look at what it is that you are doing to sabotage yourself and your goals. Oh, that dreaded mirror I must hold up so often, but that mirror is what has helped me to gain the courage needed to ask for what I wanted AND have now gotten. But her coaching has not stopped there. She is now working with me on quieting the imposter within so I can enjoy the goal I have achieved. Thank you, Dinah.’
Jacqueline M. Leib, CAPExecutive Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees at Lake Forest Academy

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Send your first month’s payment, of £180, to my secure account. I will invoice you vial PayPal each month thereafter for the remaining sessions. All your payments are covered by my Coaching Guarantee. If you don’t love my Coaching, I’ll refund your payments in full.

If you want to discuss payment over an extended period, then contact me by e-mail. I’m very aware that 2020 has been a challenging time for many people financially and I’m open to finding a way to make the payments work for your circumstances.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you