Dinah Liversidge

Mindset Coach and Mentor

I am Dinah Liversidge and I love being a Mindset Coach and Mentor. I’ve been doing it, in many forms, for almost twenty five years. I help people see themselves in a new light. We work together to change life-long habits and create new language for their head-talk. Using a combination of coaching and mentoring, I work with my clients to create a new path for their future.

Challenging your language

A key part of my coaching and mentoring is listening to your language. The language we use to, and about, ourselves is key to our happiness, success and wellness. Working with means I will challenge you to learn a new language to support positive change for yourself.

Helping you end the battle against your imposter

Each time you think you’ve won the war, the voice in your head returns to do battle with your self-belief, self-confidence and self-worth. How about a new strategy to stop battling and start embracing a different approach to stepping out of staying small?

Coaching and Mentoring starts with a conversation

I work with people who are ready to make significant change. Perhaps you’ve decided you’re tired of the ‘same old same old’. If you think working with me as your coach and mentor could be a way to create a new, positive pattern going forward, then I’d love to talk. Call me, because I think a real conversation is the best way to connect. I am in the UK, so please check the time before you call – you can reach me between 10am and 6pm weekdays, on Skype Dinah.Liversidge (I will show as busy or offline if I am talking to someone else.)

Dinah Liversidge Coach and Mentor

For an idea of how I approach change – take a listen to my Podcast here.