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I am starting my new Mindset Group to provide a safe place to share ideas to support you to change your Mind-set. The Group will be limited to keep it intimate and to allow all members to take an active part in group discussion and learning.

… I have had a goal for about 2 years that Dinah helped me achieve within 6 months! Dinah asks excellent questions that get right to the heart of your issue and then kindly gives you tools to conquer it. Dinah prompts you with insightful questions that really make you look at what it is that you are doing to sabotage yourself and your goals. 

Jacqueline M Leib, CAP

Executive Assistant to Head of School and Board of Trustees, Lake Forest Academy

Owning your Mind-Set

  • Understand your Mindset flow and where you’re spending most of your time
  • Identify your key Mindset assets and how to utilise them in your professional role
  • Learn a new Mindset vocabulary to support sustainable change
  • Set goals that scare and excite you in equal measure; and achieve them 

I have researched and written about Mindset for several years and have developed my own unique approach.

These three key Mindset types are impacting all your chances to shine and keeping you small. If you’re tired of the same outcomes and are ready to challenge the language in your limiting beliefs, then this group is for you.




My Approach to MindSet

Imposter Mindset™

If you’re always talking yourself out of opportunities for your business or career, you’re probably spending much of your time in your Imposter Mindset.

Performer Mindset™

If you’re constantly telling everyone that everything is ‘fine’ whilst wishing the reality was as positive as you make it sound, you’re in Performer Mindset.

Understudy Mindset™

If you find that you’re always putting the needs and opportunities of others above yours, even those less qualified or deserving that you are,  you are likely to be in Understudy Mindset.

Dinah is an excellent, inspirational and motivating teacher and mentor. She has a way of helping you reach those lightbulb moments in whatever field she is mentoring or training you in . As well as providing clear and practical guides and coursework books, she has a way of instilling those she works with, with the confidence and worth that enables them to drive their own ambition.

Berni Benton

Celebrant, Berni B

Ready to Un-box your Mind-Set?

The first Un-boxing your Mindset Group launched in April 2021 and since then, four groups have completed six months together.

I am opening applications now for the first group of 2022, launching in April. There will be a limit on the number in each group, so join us today and start getting access to mindset-changing content and exclusive audio and video recordings from me, to help.

Membership of the mindset group includes:

  1. One monthly Group zoom session, lead by me, on a Mindset topic. We’ll meet for an hour and a half, on zoom, and there will be opportunity to learn from each other, share best practice and ideas and also hear an exclusive presentation by me or a guest presenter.
  2. Exclusive ‘Shorts’ from me every month. Audio or video recordings on our monthly focus topic, with ideas for you to action.
  3. Access to our Members Only Facebook Group where you can share progress, updates and resources to support each other.

Membership is just £28 per month and the group will run for six months.

Email me today to reserve your place in the group

6 + 10 =

Dinah’s approach is an honest and no-nonsense one, and at the same time very personal and caring. Her direct yet very personable style, her intuitive way of coaching and her vast experience make her an ideal sparring partner for both personal or organisational work. Dinah won’t tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear (even if that is not always easy or comfortable) and then hands you the tools so that you can keep building your own path. I highly, highly recommend her!

Cathy van Mastrigt

ABP to Adrian Treneman, Director Shopping, Google

Ready to change your Mind-Set?