Mindset Coaching

I love Coaching. I’ve been doing it in some form, for over twenty five years and it fills me with joy to help other people to be all they can be. My Mindset Coaching is about challenging the set you have created for your story. It might be your Imposter Mindset preventing you from taking chances and opportunities. Or perhaps your Performer Mindset, that tells everyone you’re ‘fine’ and stops you asking for help.  My clients tell me it’s like I hold a mirror up to them and say ‘look at yourself as I see you’. Then I help them leave behind what does not serve them in their journey forward.

mindset coaching with dinah liversidge
In my woodland at home in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire

A combination of coaching and mentoring to empower real mindset change

By using a combined approach of coaching and mentoring, I bring my own experience into our work together and share what has worked for me. At the same time, my coaching will support and challenge you to create your own, unique solutions.

Challenging your internal language, the things you say and how you say them, will be key to our work together. The things you tell yourself to keep you small are not welcome anymore. Together, we’re going to give your vocabulary a positive shake up. It’s time to see that our mind-set is highly flexible and changeable.

Dinah has helped me shed years of pain and guilt and taught me to love the person and I am and truly cherish the person I am becoming. The universe really knew what it was doing when it brought us together. Thank you, Dinah, for showing me what my life deserved to be.

Pamela Geil Lagan January 2020 Full testimonial

Tired of going from one drama to another? Book a Session today

If you are tired of always reacting the same way to the mindset challenges you face, Id love to help you put an end to the drama. We can create a new way for you so you feel prepared and ready to embrace and resolve rather than perpetuate.

When we keep repeating the same behaviour, we get the same results. I help people embrace new, positive behaviour that allows them to let go of fear and instead, feel confident to take risks that bring them opportunity and joy.

I charge £90 per Mindset Coaching Session (45 minutes on zoom, a recording to keep) for individual sessions. If you’re interested in working together for the long-term, I also offer a series of programmes that may be of interest. I don’t offer Discovery Calls, or Free Trials, but instead I suggest you book a 45 minute one-off session. If you don’t believe you got more than value for your money, I will refund the cost.

Email me: dinahjl@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you.

‘… Dinah’s direct yet very personable style, her intuitive way of coaching and her vast experience make her an ideal sparring partner for both personal or organisational work. Dinah won’t tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear (even if that is not always easy or comfortable) and then hands you the tools so that you can keep building your own path. I highly, highly recommend her!’ September 2019 on LinkedIn from a client.