Let’s talk with the trees

I love the balance I have achieved living here in West Wales. I run several small businesses and still have time to sit in our beautiful woodland everyday. I worked for many years at creating a balance that works for my wellness and happiness.

Join me in my Myddfai woodland, and let’s talk with the trees. Coaching, coffee and cake (or tea and biscuits if you’d rather) and we’ll let the trees do some of the talking. There’s a Welsh saying which means ‘to return to a balanced state of mind’; the literal translation is ‘to return to my trees’. Come, sit with me a while and let’s help you find that balance. Let’s talk with the trees.

What does a session involve?

You’ll come to my woodland, here at our home in Myddfai, and we’ll take some refreshments with us into the woods.
We will sit among the mixed broad-leaf trees here in our small, couple of acres of ancient woodland.
The trees will form a safe, private and peaceful place to sit and be. And talk.
We will take some time in silence being aware and present with the woodland wildlife. The sounds of the birds. The wind through the leaves.
You will talk. I will ask questions and listen and you will talk some more, if you wish.
We will spend an hour together and I’ll use my Coaching experience to help you focus on creating balance. For you. Whatever that looks like.

At the end of our session we will have agreed a plan for you to start creating balance in your life.
I will send you some additional thoughts and ideas within 24 hours of our session, to help you.
I will send you a recording made in the woodland, where we had our session of a #MyddfaiMinute (I regularly produce one minute videos of the sounds of our woodland and this one will be persona to you).

Who is this coaching for?

If you regularly say ‘I wish I had better work-life balance’ or ‘I never seem to make time for myself’ then this is for you. Using my experience as a Mindset and Business Coach, I will help with practical ideas as well as helping you see a different way of framing things to create balance in your life.

To book a session with me, follow this link and let’s talk with the trees. I look forward to welcoming you.

From my heart to yours,