un box your mindset with Dinah Liversidge

Mindset Masterclass Audio Series

Thank you for purchasing the Audio recordings of my Masterclass Series on Un-boxing your Mindset.

The eight, 30 minute recordings are stored on Google Drive for you to download and listen to as often as you would like.

Please, don’t share the recordings with anyone else; this is how I make my living. If you think someone would benefit from having access to them, that you know cannot afford them, I will be happy to gift them access, if you make a donation to my chosen charity, Isipho Bursary, of an amount that feels good with you. You can make that donation here: and let me know who to send the link to once you’ve done that.

Here is the folder of your Audio Recordings

Here is the link for the Workbook that goes with the recordings

I hope you enjoy the recordings. If you would like to book a 45 minute Mindset Coaching session with me to support you before, during or after you’ve listened to them, you can do that here. I’d love to help you on your journey.