Mindset Masterclass Series Special Offer for ExecSecLIVE GLOBAL

This is an exclusive offer for attendees of Executive Secretary LIVE GLOBAL 2021.

At GLOBAL this year, I spoke about Mindset and the impact it is having on your work and your life. Mindset is the foundation for so much in our personal and business lives. Indeed, I believe it is so vital, that I deliver a four hour Masterclass on the topic. As busy professionals, I know that attending a four hour session is often not an option for you, so I have recorded my Masterclass as eight, thirty minute sessions.

My series of eight, 30 minute video sessions make up my four hour Masterclass on Mindset. Over the series of eight videos we will cover everything I cover in my Masterclass series (plus more), and you get access to the videos for ever and can refer back to them at any time.

The Mindset Masterclass series is available as video or audio (or both) and allows you to work on the following key topics when your time allows:

The normal price for the series is £75 but for delegates from GLOBAL, the price is just £45

The regular price for the recordings is £60 but for delegates of GLOBAL, the price is just £35

Session one:
What is Mindset?
What are the 4 key Mindsets?
Which Mindset do you respond in most frequently?

Session two:
The Imposter Mindset and how it’s impacting your chances at work

Session three:
The Performer Mindset and how it’s impacting your chances at work

Session four:
Changing the set – creating foundations for a new positive Mindset habit
Create your own timeline – to support a Growth mindset

Session five:
Create your own timeline – how to start changing the daily patterns and create new ones.
Creating a new Set

Session six:
Keeping to the script – a daily routine that is meaningful enough for you to repeat it
Learning your lines – it takes practice and you have to do it every day. It’s going to feel strange at first

Session seven:
Stepping in to the reality of other people NOT wanting you to change your set.
Creating boundaries and dealing with hecklers
Sticking with it and adapting as needs arise, without going back to  your old performance.

Session eight:
Where did the drama go? It’s going to be calmer and quieter. Learning how to enjoy the day-to-day
Setting bigger goals than you had previously imagined possible

Series Un-boxing your Mindset with Dinah Liversidge eight 30 minute recordings and workbook

I am also offering an Audio version of the recordings, again all eight sessions but for your convenience, as audio only so you can listen on the move.

Purchase both the video and audio recordings for just £65

20% of the price of every series sold (the audio, video or combined) will be donated to Isipho Bursary to help support the 2021 students with their needs.