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My Story

I’m Dinah Liversidge and this is my story.  Coach, Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Celebrant, No-Box-Thinker, Podcaster, host.  I am also a wife (33 years this year), mother, artist, singer (in my woodland and the shower and in the virtual choir I am a member of), conversation-lover, chocolate appreciator, car enthusiast and survivor. And I am a supporter of others.

I live with my husband, John, and our pets, Branston, Pickle and Lilly, in a Welsh Long-house in a small woodland in Myddfai in West Wales.  The Brecon Beacons National Park is just meters from our gate.  We found our amazing home in December 2014 and are now working at bringing the love back to this beautiful place.

My health isn’t the focus of my story

My health has been a big influence on my story and how I have lived it. I spent eleven years as a wheelchair-user and am also a survivor of a series of heart attacks followed by bypass surgery. I was born with a connective tissue disorder which has meant living with chronic pain for much of my life, so I have had to learn new ways to focus on the great things in my world. My body and me have an interesting relationship, as I talk about in this blog.

John makes charcoal in the woods, runs our smallholding and looks after our guest hut, and I work from our sitting room (and garden when the Welsh weather permits) coaching and mentoring, writing, and preparing presentations.  I also work as an Independent Celebrant, helping people celebrate the love in their lives. I am an Award-winning speaker and have been lucky enough to speak to audiences around the world on Mindset, Goal Setting and Credibility.

Dinah Liversidge Independent Celebrant
A Christmas vow renewal. Part of my work as a Celebrant

Being a mum has brought great joys to my story

I love being a mum to Hannah. She has brought me incredible joy. I did not have a great relationship with my own mum, so to have something to special feels like a gift. One that I am grateful for it every day. Hannah also uses my writing skills for a couple of her clients, via her Virtual Assistant business, which she has been running for over twelve years. #ProudMum

A few of my favourite things…

Talking to my daughter about everything from cooking to SEO. Eating cake and laughing with friends. Art, which I only discovered I can do in my forties. My husband and how much he embraces the ever changing life we have together. Being around people who don’t put themselves in boxes. Chocolate and coffee.

My Charity of Choice

I donate 20 of all my online speaking and training fees to Isipho Admin Bursary. A brilliant, empowering small charity in South Africa who are changing lives with learning and mentoring. You can read about their work here.