Speaking Topics:

No-box approach to Networking – How listening, not talking, will grow your business, your network and your credibility.

No-box approach to Leadership – How being prepared to learn from your team will make you a magnet for talent.

No-box approach to Limiting Beliefs – How changing your head-talk impacts all of your results, your risk-taking ability and how likely you are to get exciting opportunities.

No-box approach to Business Development – How putting more effort into creating collaborations can make your business more rewarding, financially and emotionally.

Training Topics / Workshops:

Creating and managing remote teams –

A one day workshop, aimed at team leaders who have to mange teams that are based remotely, often without face-to-face time. Main areas covered: Effective communication, how to use more carrot than stick, how to create a team out of a group of strangers, how to create future team-leaders.

Effective networking for Executive Assistants –

A one day workshop, for Executive Assistants who want to add the power of a supportive network of contacts to the value they bring to their Executive, Main areas covered: Why you should build and nurture your network, who should you have in your network, how an effective network can build your Executive’s credibility, where to network for results that benefit you and your Executive.

Bringing your team through massive change; stronger than before –

A two day workshop, followed up with a 90 minute monthly session for four months. This workshop and follow-up programme is for Executives who are taking a team through a merger or company change, which requires every member of the team to re-evaluate their role and create new relationships. Main areas covered: Why massive change can be just what the doctor ordered, no-box-thinking and how it impacts the team dynamic, what do we have in common, how can we create a team goal that we believe in, 10-3-1 planning, team language.

White-label Management Training

I have delivered over fifty training workshops based around business growth, business referral marketing, networking, telephone selling, growing your business through word-of-mouth marketing, leadership team training.